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Eyelash Extensions Spokane will help you get the look you want with customized lash extensions applied just for you!

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Welcome and thank you for your interest in eyelash extensions Spokane. Are you tired of wearing clumpy mascara that takes forever to put on? Do you feel like your eyelashes are short and thin? Spokane eyelash extensions can help you achieve the look you want with customized eyelash extensions applied just for you.

Lash extensions Spokane provides other customizable services like the best lash lift Spokane can give along with beautiful eyelash tinting that can give you an equally gorgeous look. These services can be done with lash extensions or on their own making every service truly tailored to you.

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About Eyelash Extensions Spokane WA

Our company prides ourselves in clean and professional work. We want you leaving our salon feeling confident, beautiful, and 100% satisfied with the end result of your lash extensions appointment. Our mission is to provide exceptional client services with the highest quality Spokane eyelash extensions have to offer. We are a locally owned company who truly cares about our work and we are passionate about Spokane lash extensions.

We believe that we have the most qualified eyelash artists in the area and surrounding areas for eyelash extensions. Our eyelash artists are the most qualified because they are trained with the best education offered to them. Every lash technician meets the requirements for state licensing to ensure safe and clean applications every time. Quality and attention to detail is important when applying lash extensions and it is important to us that we take the steps needed for the best quality eyelash extensions Spokane can give you to.

Our salon provides a calming and serene atmosphere to make you feel relaxed and ready to enjoy your time with us. We make sure you feel good from the beginning to the end of your appointment. With reasonable prices and inviting ambiance, you will always be excited to come visit us for all of your services.

Why choose lash extensions Spokane Wa?

We create a unique and pleasant experience to all of our clients the moment they step foot in our salon. We have the ability to transform your eyelashes and make you feel fearless and beautiful. You are valued and we are thankful for every client who trusts us to give them the best eyelash extensions Spokane will provide.

We are unique because:

  1. Our lash artists are trained with the best quality education.
  2. Customized lash extensions ensure exclusive application.
  3. We are reliable and timely.
  4. We work hard to give you the lash extensions you are looking for.
  5. We are locally owned

Our company has been servicing the community for many years. It has been our goal to keep our salon in the area to ensure we can continue to help everyone feel their best. We are honored to be a part of the empowerment of women in our area by making them feel beautiful with the customized eyelash extensions Spokane needs.

Call our salon to schedule an appointment to make your lashes longer and fuller. We are always available for any questions regarding pricing and we are happy to help with all other questions you may have for eyelash extensions.

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What to expect from lash extensions Spokane

spokane eyelashes extensions

One of the reasons our clients are loyal to us is because we can guarantee that our products are top of the line compared to other Spokane lash extensions. With formaldehyde free and medical grade glue, your lash extensions will be able to last without irritating or damaging your eyes. The technique we use to apply the best false eyelashes will keep you satisfied with your eyelash extensions in Spokane WA every time you visit us.

Our application technique is always personalized for you so the longer eyelashes will complement your face to achieve the look you are dreaming of. You will leave our salon with a customized look that is unique to you. We do not do a cookie cutter application that will make your eyelash extensions look like fake lashes that were glued on with a strip. The best fake eyelashes are the ones that don’t look or feel fake. The eyelash extensions Spokane gives to you feel light and fluffy on the eyes and you will forget that you have them on.

When you call to schedule an appointment with us we will work around your schedule to arrange a day and time that will work with your busy life. After you are scheduled with us, you will receive a call the day before your appointment to make it easier to remember your anticipated time with us. When you arrive on the day of your appointment we will have a brief consultation going over your expectations from us. During the application you will be able to relax to calming music while we work our magic on your eyelashes.

You will always leave your appointment refreshed and looking brand-new with your fresh set of eyelash extensions giving you the cleanest looking eyelashes Spokane can provide.


Classic Lashes

Classic lash extensions are a great option for you if you have full natural lashes. The classic lash ratio is 1 eyelash extension to 1 natural lash. These lashes will create a look that is similar to mascara with each individual lash extension diameter ranging from .10 mm to .15 mm. The classic eyelash extension style is great for that simple mascara look without the mascara clumps and it can still give a dramatic look if your natural lashes will allow.

Volume lashes

Volume eyelash extensions are the perfect option for everyone. They are especially ideal for you if your natural lashes are sparse and thin and you want a full and thick lash extension look. The volume lash ratio is 3-5 eyelash extensions to 1 natural lash. The thinner extension diameter ranging from .05mm to .07mm ensures a perfectly weighted eyelash extension fan that will not damage your natural lashes by being too heavy.

Hybrid lashes

Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid lash extension set. The hybrid lash extensions are a mix of classic and volume lashes. This service is great for you if you want the simple look of classic lashes but also want to add a bit more volume. Hybrid lashes are unique because you can add the volume lashes anywhere in between the classic lashes to add fullness to specific parts of the eye to give you a custom look.

Lash Lifting

Lash lifts or eyelash lifts curl and lift your natural lashes giving them a longer look. The application is done by using a silicone rod that is comfy on the eye and a lash lifting lotion to give you a semi permanent curl that lasts over a month. The service is safe around the eyes and the lotion nourishes the natural lashes while giving volume and length that cannot be achieved with an eyelash curler. Lash lift Spokane provides can give you a beautiful look.

Lash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is an ideal service. We have a range of lash tinting colors to give you the exact look you want. From brown to deep black, you can tint your lashes semi-permanently to give your lashes a boost without the need for mascara. Lash tinting can be done with lash lifting and eyelash extensions to give your eyes that added glam.

About Spokane

Nested in Eastern Washington state, Spokane is home to lots of history with the Spokane tribe being the first people to live here. It is located along the Spokane River with the Spokane Falls flowing through downtown. The Spokane area is surrounded by mountains and lakes with lots of outdoor activities.

Spokane WA is nicknamed the ‘Lilac City’ and is known for hosting the World’s fair in 1974. It currently hosts the world's largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament every year. With a population of almost 220,000, Spokane is the second largest city in Washington state. The economy of the Spokane area is crucial for the Inland Northwest. It is the core for medical, shopping, and entertainment.

Other surrounding cities include:

  1. Spokane Valley, WA
  2. Cheney, WA
  3. Liberty Lake, WA
  4. Airway Heights, WA
  5. Medical Lake, WA
  6. Deer Park, WA
  7. Other surrounding areas

Happy Clients

The salon was clean and professional! The lash tech took her time to make my lashes full and gave me exactly what I asked for.

Susan G.

I was so relaxed my whole appointment. They had music playing the whole time keeping me relaxed. The salon was really inviting and everyone was really nice.

Tiffany A.

My eyelash extensions have never looked better! They are so light in weight yet so full. The salon was so clean and I could tell they truly care about their clients.

Lauren M.

Frequently asked questiona

How often do I need eyelash fills?

Eyelash extensions need to be filled every 2-4 weeks to keep up the fullness in the lashes.

Can I wear mascara?

It is not recommended to wear mascara with eyelash extensions. Mascara can break down the lash extension adhesive causing the fake eyelashes to fall off prematurely.

Can I wash my face after eyelash extension application?

Yes, you can. It is recommended to wait 24 hours before wetting your eyelash extensions after your appointment to allow the adhesive to fully dry. Avoid tugging and snagging your lashes while washing your face.

How much do lashes extensions cost?

We have a range of pricing for our eyelash extensions. Call our salon to get a quote for the false lashes you desire.

Does your eyelash glue contain formaldehyde?

No, our glue is medical grade and formaldehyde free.

Will extensions ruin my natural lashes?

With proper care and proper application, your natural lashes will not be affected by eyelash extensions.

How long is the eyelash extension process?

Full sets can take 1-2 hours and eyelash fills can take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Can I workout or swim with eyelash extensions?

Yes, after the 24 hour waiting period. You are free to swim and workout like normal.

Can eyelash extensions be removed?

The eyelash extension removal process is very easy and can be done any time.

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We strive to give you the ultimate experience when walking through our doors until the moment you step out. We are here to make sure that you acquire the finest eyelash extensions Spokane and eyelash extensions Spokane Valley have to offer the community. We know how important it is to have full and luscious lashes for all occasions and we want to give that to you.

Call us today to set up an appointment and ensure that you’re given top notch service for all of your eyelash needs. We will make sure to set you up with an eyelash extension appointment as soon as possible.

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